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About Dr. Campbell’s Hearing Solutions

Hearing significantly impacts your overall health, including reducing the risk of dementia and maintaining connections with your loved ones. At Dr. Campbell’s Hearing Solutions, we are committed to improving your hearing. Our experienced audiologists bring years of expertise in hearing restoration and technology. We are here to help you return to your favorite activities.

What You Can Expect

We tailor our hearing care to each individual, and your initial visit will consist of several important steps:

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Our audiologists will talk with you about your specific hearing needs, your medical history, and your objectives for the consultation.

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Ear Examination:

We will use an otoscope to inspect your ear canal and eardrum, ensuring everything appears healthy before proceeding with further tests.

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Hearing Evaluation:

You will be seated in a soundproof booth and asked to wear headphones. The test involves listening to sounds at various volumes and pitches.

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Results and Management:

After the hearing test, we will review your audiogram with you and discuss possible treatment options.

Please bring your ID and insurance card with you to your appointment.

Our Services

Dr. Campbell’s Hearing Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your hearing needs. We begin with thorough hearing tests to accurately assess your hearing levels. Following the assessment, we provide personalized hearing aid fittings to ensure that your device is comfortable and effective. For those experiencing issues with their current hearing aids, we offer expert hearing aid repairs to restore functionality. We also specialize in hearing protection, offering solutions to safeguard your ears from excessive noise, preserving your hearing health. Additionally, our tinnitus management services are designed to help alleviate the discomfort and disruptions caused by tinnitus, using tailored strategies to reduce ringing in the ears and improve your quality of life.

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Our Office


Dr. Campbell’s Hearing Solutions is located in the Toscana Park complex, across from the Holiday Inn Express.

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